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You were a terrible baby, do you know that? Bawling all the time, never sleeping. And one night you just wouldn’t shut up, screaming like a dying pig. I walked over to your crib, I looked down at you. I wanted to strangle you. And you looked up at me and you stopped screaming. You smiled at me. Don’t die so far from the sea.

doctor who meme → ten episodes [4/10] 

↳ season 4 episode 1 partners in crime

"That’s a woman for you. One day she’s kissing you, the next she’s filling you with arrows. That hair she had. Well, the hottest fires burn out quickest. To Ygritte, kissed by fire!


Taylor Swift Wrote an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal 


what i love the most about classic doctor group shots is that they’re always this group of funny old men and then suddenly BAM PAUL MCGANN

i mean


one of those things is not like the others

A Sadness Runs Through Him // A Matty Beckett fanmix [Listen]

i. The Draw // Bastille ii. Something’s Not Right Here // OneRepublic iii. Nothing Left to Say // Imagine Dragons iv. A Sadness Runs Through Him // The Hoosiers v. Papercut // Linkin Park vi. The Kill // 30 Seconds to Mars vii. Breath of Life // Florence and the Machine viii. Fear // OneRepublic ix. Misery // The Maine x. Human // Daughter xi. The Fear // Ben Howard xii. That’s Okay // The Hush Sound xiii. The Middle // Jimmy Eat World xiv. High Hopes // Kodaline



The face she gives me when she wants to get on the couch

let her on the damn couch you monster

beautiful, wilful, dead before her time

doctor who meme: six companions [3/6]

Wilfred Mott

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