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I’ve been crushed, beaten down
And I’m frozen to the ground
Like a fool I’ve trusted you

I never thought that I would be this helpless
I can’t believe I’m giving in for you
I’ve been crushed, I’ve had enough

Now I wanna leave but I’m lost
So now I can’t break away
Although I’ve made up my mind
My heart is refusing me

morgana pendragon appreciation week 
day three
 favourite relationship 


Morgana Pendragon Appreciation Week:
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requested by talesofaseawwed


The prophecies speak of Morgana and Arthur Pendragon, united in evil. Pendragon Siblings of the Old Religion, destined to be the ruin of Albion. Your destiny, Merlin, is to change this. Turn Arthur to see the ways in which magic should be used, for life and not for slaughter. Succeed in this and he shall be the Once and Future King, and together you will unite the lands of Albion and return magic to this land once and for all, in the way it was always meant to be used.

Thanks go jadedginger for the suggestion to turn Arthur’s armor black.

Gwen & Marian parallels requested by Anon 

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